Transcendental Meditation Reduces Stress Naturally

The negative effects of stress has been found to decrease performance, disharmony in relationships, and cause physical ailments . In short, it can curtail us from enjoying life and can build up in our mind-body over the course of a lifetime. Even a good night's sleep or an extended holiday is not enough to recover fully.

Scientific research shows that the TM technique provides deeper and more coherent rest than ordinary relaxation—a state of restful alertness that washes away stress and rejuvenates mind and body. The physiological response during TM has been found to be the extreme opposite of your body's stress response—reversing the negative effects of stress.

Standford University Study

The TM technique was found to be twice as effective as other techniques for stress and anxiety.

A meta-analysis of 146 independent studies was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology (45 (1989): 957–974).

Research Funded and Supported

How TM reduces stress (6 mins)
Dr Oz, Heart Surgeon

Calmer Response to Stress

Because each individual is different, the balancing effects of Transcendental Meditation may bring different benefits for different people, for example: fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy or better relationships. However, one benefit that the majority of people share is that they can generally handle stressful situations better after learning Transcendental Meditation.

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Norman Rosenthal, psychiatrist, researcher and author

Norman Rosenthal Psychiatrist, Author and Researcher

"Before our research was over, three of our clinicians had gotten Transcendental Meditation training. That's how impressed they were with what they saw.

No other stress management technique' has anywhere close to this amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress."